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Volunteer/Intern Background Check

As a Volunteer/Intern—What Can I Expect When Ordering My Background Check?

  1. Complete the necessary paperwork sent to you by email and provide your e-signature. Revive Life House will send you the background check Acknowledgement & Disclosure Forms via email. The forms are usually completed electronically and should only take a few minutes to complete.
  1. You may receive a phone call from EnCompass Background Screening Solutions, asking you to verify or clarify information that you provided in the background check Acknowledgement Form & Disclosure Form.
  1. If you have any questions about the background check process or want to obtain a copy of your background check results, please contact the Revive Life House or EnCompass Background Screening Solutions.

What is the cost of my background check?

Background Check costs usually range between $45.95 – $99.95. Each additional last name would incur an additional $20.00 fee (for each additional last name) Example; A volunteer or intern with a married & maiden name, the cost of their background check would be approximately $65.95* ($45.95+$20.00(for married name)) to the background check.

How long does it take to get the results?

Your background check results will be sent to Revive Life House. In the event your application is not accepted due to the results of your background check, you will receive an adverse action letter either by email or mail. If you feel the results of the background check are inaccurate, you have the option to file a dispute. For more information on the dispute process, contact the Revive Life House or call (877) 643-2464.

Please note, the cost of a Background Check can vary based on several factors which include:

  • Number of last names to be searched of volunteer or intern
  • Database access fees that may apply to the search

*Certain databases also may have an access fee which is added to the cost of a background check.