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We’re not like other background screening companies. EnCompass makes employee background check services amazingly affordable, quick and easy for organizations of all sizes.

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Why EnCompass Background Screening Solutions?

We’re easy, fast and accurate! With EnCompass you don’t have to figure out how to do a background check on an employee because your account manager will walk you through the process step-by-step.

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Transportation – Staffing – Child Care – Nonprofits – Education – Collegiate – Banking – Property Management – Tenant Screening – Churches – Financial Services – Healthcare – Hospitality

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We set ourselves apart from other background screening companies with services that are truly personalized. It’s concierge level service that makes background checks remarkably convenient and hassle-free.

Talk to a Real Professional

There’s no aggravating automated customer service system when you work with EnCompass. We’re based in Lexington, KY – so when you call you’ll talk to a U.S.-based agent.

Dedicated Account Manager That Understands Your Business

Every client will get their own dedicated account manager that serves as a point of contact. No bouncing around from one department or rep to the next that isn’t familiar with your organization’s needs.

Personal Assistance Understanding the Process and Best Practices

Your account manager will also help you get started so that background reports are as quick and easy as possible. They’ll explain the process and best practices to ensure everything is compliant with screening regulations.

Handle Questions and Issues Quickly

When you have a question you’ll get the answer quickly from a knowledgeable representative. No waiting around for a response or sitting on the phone trying to navigate through robotic customer service phone systems.

When You Need Background Checks But Don’t Want the Hassle You Can Count on EnCompass!


Because an employee has greater access to your resources, they are 15 times more likely than a non-employee to steal from you. This loss lessens your competitive edge; it also threatens to put you in the one-third of all business failures that happen due to employee theft.



Owners Jim & Leeanne Mills envisioned making business owners’ lives easier by taking Background Screening, Drug Screening, & Job Applicant Assessment burdens off their plates.

After 21 years of Naval service riding nuclear submarines, we traded in our Navy life and then we worked in the For-Profit Education Industry hiring employees, managers & professors. While hiring new employees our experience using the available Background Check Process proved to be a very time consuming, challenging, frustrating and difficult one.