Nonprofit Organization Pre-Employment Background Screening

Get the easiest nonprofit organization pre-employment background screening process so you can stay focused on your mission.

Unmatched Accuracy Your Nonprofit Can Rely On

Whether you need a new hire background check or a volunteer background screening for your nonprofit, you can trust EnCompass to provide accurate results. We’re a veteran-owned background screening company that prides itself on supplying the most up-to-date information in an easy to understand format.

Background Services That Fit a Nonprofit’s Budget

Your nonprofit is doing great things for the world, but it has a unique mission that we’re here to support. EnCompass offers competitively priced custom background screening services that give you exactly what you need without the upsells. You can also get volume discounts, which means the more reports you order the less they cost.

Fast, Simple Screening Process That Puts You in Control

Our online tools are built for today’s nonprofit organizations. Once your account is set up you have complete control over the screening process online. Order reports in minutes and then see the results as soon as they’re available. The streamlined process makes background checks faster and simpler for your organization.

Personal Support for Your Nonprofit Organization

We believe in providing personal services that help nonprofits get the most out of their background screening. When you work with EnCompass you’ll have a dedicated account manager that’s ready to help with whatever you need.

Keeping Your Employee and Volunteer Background Checks Compliant

EnCompass is your partner in FCRA compliant background checks for nonprofits. Don’t put the good work you do and funding at risk with informal nonprofit organization pre-employment screening. Use our proven method that’s fair for applicants and keeps you in compliance.


(1-2 Business Days)

  • National Criminal Database Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • SSN Verification
  • Address History Trace
  • Terrorist Watch List (OFAC)


(3-5 Business Days)

  • National Criminal Database Search (W/Alias)
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • SSN Verification
  • Address History Trace
  • Terrorist Watch List (OFAC)
  • 7 Year County Criminal Search (Single County)


(3-5 Business Days)

  • National Criminal Database Search (W/Alias)
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • SSN Verification
  • Address History Trace
  • Terrorist Watch List (OFAC)
  • 7 Year County Criminal Search (Unlimited Counties)

We’re here to support your mission – see how simple nonprofit employee and volunteer background checks can be.

FAQ: Background Screening for Nonprofits

Should nonprofit organizations spend the money on background checks for employees and volunteers or are the free volunteer background checks good enough?

A: That “free” search may be risky. Many organizations find it hard to imagine that trolling the Internet for information on an applicant could put their nonprofit at risk. Yet there are potentially costly risks, including claims alleging discrimination or breach of privacy.

An untrained manager may discover information on an applicant during an unofficial employment background screening that cannot be used in determining an applicant’s eligibility. While most nonprofit leaders are well aware of the prohibition on asking an applicant about medical conditions and family status when similar information is discovered in an online query it may seep into the process of evaluating the applicant. This could expose the nonprofit to allegations of disparate treatment under Title VII or other civil rights laws.

What is “ban the box”, and how does it affect background checks for non-profit organizations?

A: There’s been unprecedented scrutiny over the use of criminal history and credit records by state legislatures and growing popularity for “ban the box” laws and policies. According to the National Employment Law Project, “30 states and more than 150 cities and counties have adopted what is widely known as ‘ban the box’” laws (See

These laws are intended to prevent the knee-jerk, early disqualification of applicants based on the stigma of a criminal record. Advocates believe that including a ‘box’ inquiring about prior criminal history on an application for employment unnecessarily limits employment opportunities and impairs the societal goal of rehabilitating ex-offenders.

However, in some situations criminal background checks for nonprofits make sense. For example, if volunteers or employees are going to work with children.

Why should a nonprofit have a volunteer screening process in place?

A: A growing number of nonprofits are considering the use of background checks for their volunteer screening process. Common motivations for considering nonprofit organization corporate background checks as a screening tool include fear of lawsuits alleging negligent hiring, changing expectations of stakeholders and the perspective of insurance providers that background checking is a minimum risk management requirement.

If you have employees, nonprofit organization background check services for employers may also apply.


Because an employee has greater access to your resources, they are 15 times more likely than a non-employee to steal from you. This loss lessens your competitive edge; it also threatens to put you in the one-third of all business failures that happen due to employee theft.



Owners Jim & Leeanne Mills envisioned making business owners’ lives easier by taking Background Screening, Drug Screening, & Job Applicant Assessment burdens off their plates.

After 21 years of Naval service riding nuclear submarines, we traded in our Navy life and then we worked in the For-Profit Education Industry hiring employees, managers & professors. While hiring new employees our experience using the available Background Check Process proved to be a very time consuming, challenging, frustrating and difficult one.