BOYD COUNTY, KY (WCHS/WVAH) — A deputy jailer at the Boyd County Detention Center is out of a job. William Mauk had only been on the job for about a month, when he got fired. Now he’s facing drug charges, catching many by surprise.

“Normally anything brought in by the deputy jailer nobody questions,” said Boyd County Sheriff Bobby Woods. He says investigators received information that drugs were going to be dropped off to an employee of the jail who was then going to take them to an inmate in jail. “They called me back and said the drugs had been delivered. Deputy jailer had accepted them. They were put into his truck. Actually I think he went out and opened the truck door and they laid the drugs in the floor. He turned locked the truck and walked off.,” said Sheriff Woods.
He says that former employee is William Mauk who is now facing drug charges.

“I’m concerned. I hope there is no one else,” said Boyd County Detention Center Jailer Joe Burchett. He says the incident caught many by surprise. Mauk is a six year Army Veteran, and had never been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony according to the FBI’s Database. Plus his pre-employment drug test was negative. “It’s sad. All these other deputies they are upset about it. Very upset. I am too. Here we try and do what is right and we have one goof ball to mess things up,” said Burchett.

“We don’t know yet because we haven’t interviewed everybody in this case. We don’t know what the motive is for this young man to do this,” said Sheriff Woods.
Friday morning cells were searched and inmates were drug tested, including the inmate that was supposed to get the package of drugs from Mauk. All those tests came back negative for drug use. Mauk is out of jail on a $10,000 bond.

The Boyd County Detention Center said a deputy jailer who was arrested on drug charges had just recently been hired.

William Alexander Mauk, 27, of Ashland is facing several charges, including possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), first-degree trafficking a controlled substance possession of drug paraphernalia, promoting contraband and will be charged with conduct unbecoming/acting under the color of the law, according to a news release from the Boyd County Sheriff’s Office.

Jailer Joe Burchett said Mauk was recently hired and had begun training on April 10, according to a news release from the jail. Burchett said he spent his first two weeks in training and was on his first week alone when he was arrested. Burchett said Mauk passed his pre-employment drug screening and was an Army veteran with six years of service.

“I am deeply disappointed in Mr. Mauk and the path he has chosen to take” Burchett said. “His actions undermine all of the hard work and dedication exhibited by the deputies that work here. We intend to help the sheriff’s department in any way we can with their investigation.”
Deputies said they were able to watch known criminals meet with Mauk outside of the jail and deliver packages to Mauk for him to deliver to inmates at the jail.

After Mauk’s shift at the jailed ended, Mauk was found during a traffic stop with cigarette packages that contained tobacco, crystal methamphetamine, numerous pills, syringes, letters and other illegal contraband, deputies said.

The jail searched the cells Friday morning and the inmates were tested for drugs, including the inmate who jail officials believe may have received the drugs from Mauk. All inmates tested negative for drug use, Burchett said.

In April, officials said eight female inmates were hospitalized after overdosing on a substance believed to be heroin brought in by an inmate.

Mauk is currently being held in the Boyd County Detention Center. Jail officials said his employment was terminated Friday.


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